It’s been all go for Irish artist Jimi Cullen since his career took off over a decade ago. The Gorey based singer/songwriter hit the live scene running back in 2004 and hasn’t stopped since. Not only has he performed in every corner of his homeland, he’s also shared his music across continental Europe. With more than 1500 shows under his belt, he can boast that he’s played alongside a number of renowned native musicians, including Damien Dempsey, Aslan, Paddy Casey, Sharon Shannon and Declan O’Rourke.

He’s been no stranger to the studio over the years either, having two EPs and three albums to his name, on top of a fourth that’s due to drop in the autumn. All of this hard work hasn’t escaped the attention of media outlets such as Hot Press, the Evening Herald and Pure M precursor, Music Review Unsigned, by which he was named artist of month in March 2009.

More recently however, Cullen made the decision to write a song showing his support for the yes vote in Ireland’s upcoming Marriage Equality Referendum. This led to the creation of his newly released single, “All Love Is Beautiful”. Starting with a relaxing riff, it glides merrily into an upbeat and expressive harmony as the first verse sets in. The simple, straightforward execution features just a guitar and vocals, resulting in a soft and steady rhythm that rests easy on the ears. Its heartfelt approach perfectly conveys the message of the succinct lyrics; that it shouldn’t matter who someone loves, all that’s important is that they’re happy.

Cullen has put together a warm and affecting folk composition with a very positive demeanour. Rich with meaning and optimism, its accessible sound makes for a pleasant listen. “All Love Is Beautiful” will be featured on the forthcoming record, Revolution, and is available to hear on Youtube now.

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