The always entertaining Tonight Show host has done it again. Following the greatest lip sync battle of all time with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Jimmy’s latest sketch features the re-united Saved By The Bell cast (minus Screech but more on that in a moment) for an adorable throwback to the hit TV show.

The sketch is such a throwback to some serious 90’s childhood memories, the clothes, the bad acting, it’s all so brilliantly cheesey. Plus some little jokes to reference their real lives, such as Elizabeth Berkley’s turn as a stripper in Showgirls.

Oh on a side note, Jesse and Kelly look pretty much the same and are totally beautiful.

So Screech aka Dustin Diamond has had a pretty dark life since Saved by the Bell, he released a sex tape which I can thankfully say I have never witnessed. In December of last year he ended up behind bars for an alleged stabbing in a bar. On top of that the cast-mates’ seem to not be his biggest fans, he was behind a documentary which shone a very poor light on some of the others and it is believed that they requested he not be involved.

Also, you may notice that Lisa is missing, apparently she could not make it due to work commitments.

This isn’t the first throwback Fallon has treated us to lately, he also re-created the opening credits to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when moving the show from New York to LA for the Superbowl and you can check that out here!

And here are the Irish equivalents… It’s not fair is it?


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