Jingo - A.D.D. single review

Jingo – A.D.D. single review

The story of London based alt-rock ensemble Jingo began when Jack Buckett and Joseph Reeves made the acquaintance of Katie Buckett in the New York borough of Brooklyn. Returning to the UK together, the trio were soon joined by fellow musician Chris Smith and their lineup was complete.

In the time since their formation, the band have been turning quite a few heads. Playing their very first gig alongside Blur founding member and guitarist Graham Coxon, they’ve managed to attract the attention of a number of British media outlets, including BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. Their debut album, The Art of Loving, arrived last year to critical acclaim and was succeeded by a US tour with American rockers Not Blood Paint.

The foursome are currently planning to take the world by storm in 2015, beginning with the release of their new single “A.D.D.” Diving straight into pounding percussion and a bracing riff, it’s not long before an arresting harmony takes over, being complemented by pleasant piano keys during the verse. Its soft, steady sound continuously grows along with the vocals and instrumentation as things progress.

The piercing melody of the chorus makes a deep impact as it conveys a sense of torment. This is followed by some accomplished and rousing guitar work that acts as an exhilarating bridge to the second verse. The momentum builds further from here as the vocals become more enthusiastic and stirring, absorbing completely through their expressive execution. It’s a delightfully obstinate anthem, culminating in an immense climax that hits hard ahead of the final vocal salvo.

If Jingo’s goal truly is to conquer the music scene in 2015, then they’re off to a flying start here. This carefully constructed composition is loaded with more than enough passion and charisma to excite and enthrall from start to finish. “A.D.D.” can be sampled below and is definitely worth taking the time to check out.