London based alt-rock outfit Jingo have been busy since the arrival of their last single in April. Members Jack and Katie Buckett, Joseph Reeves and Chris Smith are currently hard at work readying an EP for release on September 25th. To whet appetites in the meantime, they’ve just dropped a brand new track entitled “Ghost in the Machine”. Taken from the upcoming compilation, it was recorded at Soup Studios in the English capital and mastered by Kevin Blackler before being sent across the Atlantic for Kahan James to handle production duties.

The song itself starts with a strikingly sonorous volley of vivid vocals which are eventually joined by percussion that begins to build in the background. The melody becomes more pressing and purposeful as the music grows, then relents to generate suspense en route to a resounding riff. The guitars continue to thrill through a second verse dominated by another heartfelt harmony.

An upbeat ambience is maintained by enthusiastic instrumentation behind the uplifting refrain, which gives way to a mesmerising medley of musical motifs just past the midway mark. A series of bracing guitar blasts erupt afterwards to ensure things remain exciting as it all arrives at a final spirited vocal display ahead of an invigorating ending.

Having already earned acclaim at BBC London, this is sure to add to the anticipation for Jingo’s forthcoming record. Once again, they demonstrate a charismatic approach to making music that’s undeniably enthralling. “Ghost in the Machine” is an accomplished anthem that’s definitely worth investigating.

Jingo: Ghost in the Machine single review
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