A decade, yes a decade has passed since JoJo released an album. That may as well be a century in the current music world, heck she almost qualifies as a classic artist now. After battling label drama for what has felt like an eternity, Joanna Levesque broke free and managed to release three singles last summer with her critically acclaimed “Tringle”. With these three songs she reminded us all that she was still here, still relevant and more hungry than ever. One of those songs was “Say Love” literally shook the world and the ripples are still being felt today. After this never before seen three single release and the rave reviews, she solidified herself as being very much back in the game. In reality if she had never had issues her label whom she signed with at 13 years old, she would undoubtedly be one of the biggest artists in the world right now. Back in 2005 she torpedoed to the top after a string of successful hits including “Get Out (Right Now)” and “Too Little Too Late”, but as soon as success came and it was time to work on album No. 2 the label collapsed and with it came years of legal turmoil. But like they say “everything happens for a reason” and now JoJo is riding that wave of light after years of darkness. Throughout this time she wasn’t able to release any new material but that didn’t stop her from working. She spent time writing, recording and acting in many films. In an interview back in 2011 said she had recorded hundreds of songs but “didn’t own her own voice” which sums up the extent of the legal dramas.

After last year’s success of “Tringle” she was recruited into Atlantic Records, a major label home to Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, Missy Elliot and more. Soon after it was announced that she would be opening for Fifth Harmony on their US Tour which allowed her to be introduced to a whole new generation and be re-introduced back to the people who fell in love with her back in the beginning. Fresh off the stage on the tour’s opening night she let the world know that she was not playing any games and released a new song including a video everywhere titled “F**k Apologies” featuring label mate Wiz Khalifa. The track has an almost 1990s/early 2000s sound to it which could have been an Aaliyah song. It shows us she’s grown up and cements her in the urban/RnB world whilst clarifying that the former pop star is a now a diverse, edgy adult with vocals for days. She was known for her huge vocal range at such a young age and now she’s better than ever – Ariana better watch out!

Check out “F**k Apologies” below:


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