Soul singer Joy Oladokun has returned to enthral crowds and critics alike with her highly-anticipated debut album, Carry. Following in the footsteps of its enlivening lead single, “Shelter”, the Kickstarter-funded record features ten thrilling tunes for fans to feast upon.

“Fight for It” commences the compilation with quick and compelling music before a stirring serenade steals the spotlight. The pace remains pressing going forward, giving rise to a riveting pop/rock piece that gets things off to an exciting start. The aforementioned “Shelter” sails in to absorb in its wake with affecting singing atop touching instrumentation. “Young” adopts a direr demeanour when it’s done, displaying placid percussion and subtle riffs which drift gently through a heartfelt harmony.

The poignant pianos of “Poison” come in to captivate next ahead of another moving melody. Tranquil strings echo engrossingly underneath it all, enhancing the already emotional ambience of the vivid verses. The title track uplifts afterwards by showcasing optimistic keys amid vibrant vocals. The mood gets more vigorous around the minute and a half mark when the whole thing erupts rousingly to trot towards an electrifying finish.

“Charleston” keeps cordial across relaxing riffs and strikingly sonorous singing, while “Bread + Wine” opens ominously and enchants via its vitalising violins. The atmospheric affair that follows entrances until “Cold as Fire” takes over to entice through tender instrumentation alongside a soft serenade. “Say You Will” hits hard then with invigorating vocals on the way to the restrained yet resonant refrain of “Animals & Angels”, which manages to put a cordial cap on the proceedings.

Oladokun has composed a delightfully delicate yet dramatic endeavour that’s packed with power and passion. The pensive personality and extremely accessible sound of each song should attract a fervent following. You can investigate “Carry” for yourself on iTunes now.


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