Los Angeles based artist Joy Oladokun has been enamoured with music since she picked up guitar playing at the age of ten. Using composing as a method for embracing the trials and triumphs of human existence, she wrote and released her inaugural EP, Cathedrals, last year. In the wake of its arrival, she decided to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund her first full length album, Carry, and succeeded in bringing in more than thirty thousand dollars to put towards the project.

The recently completed record, which is due to drop on April 29th, features an assortment of anthems that outline important life lessons the singer has learned in the hope that her experiences can act as a source of inspiration for others. To offer an idea of what listeners can expect from the compilation, she has just shared the single “Shelter”.

Poignant pianos introduce the piece ahead of vivid vocals that feel warm and reassuring in the opening verse. The instrumentation slowly increases in tempo in the background while the harmony absorbs with its amazing vibrancy. The atmosphere remains uplifting into the soft but stirring second minute as the refrain resounds enthrallingly across the optimistic music.

Delicate yet determined drums maintain a rousing rhythm underneath cordial keys and spirited singing, all of which gets even more enlivening on approach to the midway mark. A volley of vivifying vocals and invigorating guitars prefaces a brief breakdown before the whole thing bursts back to life to deliver a captivating conclusion. The result is a splendidly soulful song that’s full of feeling and fervour. You can find it for yourself on iTunes now.

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