Daniel Radcliffe continues life after Potter with upcoming survival thriller Jungle. He plays Yossi Ghinsberg, an Israeli adventurer, who embarks upon a journey deep into the Bolivian jungle in search for the extraordinary.

The beauty of the jungle transfixes Yossi and his friends. However their guide reeks of cunning and describes mankind as the “cancer” of the jungle. A voyage of self-discovery is all of a sudden turned into one of desperate survival once their guide abandons them in the heart of the wilderness. Once alone there are countless enemies surrounding them. From snakes to spiders, and from fever to rapid rivers, it looks as though it is of each other they should be most wary.

Jungle looks to be a thriller driven by unpredictability and suspense. Throughout the trailer the span between Yossi preparing for adventure and screaming despairingly into the night shows the kind of journey he endures. It seems a frantic ride, with Radcliffe donning the leading role.

It is an Australian film. Greg McLean directs after previous credits in Wolf Creek and The Darkness. Quite interestingly, Yossi Ghinsberg himself joins the writing staff. His book Jungle accounting his real life experience in the jungle is a worldwide seller, and now he is keen to depict his story on the big screen.

Having Ghinsberg in the background is an exciting feature. But Radcliffe’s development as an actor will intrigue most. Thomas Kretschmann (King Kong, Wanted) and Alex Russell (Unbroken) join Radcliffe. Though it seems that Radcliffe will be on-screen alone for the most part of the film.

Since Harry Potter finished, the roles the English actor has taken have been rather experimental. This is a new genre for him having tried Indie, romantic comedy and horror. He knows how to be the main man, and his humble presence on screen is inviting him to fast become a respected name in the business.

Jungle may be the kind of film which goes under the radar. However, it is one to keep an eye out for.

Jungle will be released late 2017


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