Leicester based alt-rock ensemble Juniors first began in 2013 with school friends Jamie Hives, Jake Tasker and William Bond. After recruiting Daniel Lee into the mix the following year, their lineup was complete. While their first EP, Barcelona, isn’t due to be released until next month, the band have already managed to draw quite a bit of attention to themselves. Winning favour on BBC Introducing shows in the UK, the foursome managed to earn stage time at the prodigious Leeds and Reading Festival in 2014.

Now, the focus is on their forthcoming debut record, scheduled to hit on April 20th. Kicking off with “Elusion”, the compilation features a synth heavy introduction that adds a touch of colour to a mellow riff. The spotlight is soon stolen by some piercing vocals as the verse sets in ahead of a hectic chorus featuring a lot of musical elements. It has a very technical and complex sound in its entirety.

“We Swim” plays up the electronics again, but puts a more solemn spin on things. Its melody is just as penetrating as it leads to a sobering chorus with some hefty instrumentation. There’s plenty of vigour buried within the loud and hectic rhythm. It all remains admirably expressive and enthusiastic right up until the end.

“Declare and Surrender” echoes in slowly before blasting into urgent guitars and a coarse, cutting harmony. It’s more melodic and lighter on the ears than its predecessors. There’s a bitingly cool quality about the whole thing that makes it easy to swallow. It stands apart from the previous pieces by being the most straightforward rock number of the three.

Juniors aren’t off to a bad start with what’s on offer here. While some of their material can make for a challenging listen at times, it’s catchy and unique enough to maintain your attention throughout. Barcelona is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

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