Day 2 of K Fest proved to be even better than the first. The turnout steadily increased throughout the day and crowds of revelers flocked from gallery to gallery, enjoying the wide range of events, music and art on show.

As with Friday there are myriad talks, readings, photography exhibitions, events, buskers, and artists so see.

Testament to the variety of the events was the surreal one man play, ‘The Private Life of the Jellyfish’. The quirky play opens with Johnny the Jellyfish, a striking figure in his pink unitard, pink roller skates, pink children’s umbrella head-dress, and sewn-on pink tentacles. Johnny gives us a window into his life, explaining that he is a Japanese immortal jellyfish and describing to us his life cycle through the medium of rap. The show had the mesmeric randomness of a Saturday morning TV show and became increasingly madcap as Johnny threw himself around the stage.


Many festivals can be a bit like islands in the areas in which they are held. They can feel disconnected. K Fest, however, is more of an expansion on the community spirit of Killorglin. The Rambling House event hosted in The Kingdom Bar was a call back to a time when the pub was the social hub of Ireland. Traditional music, readings of stories and a warm atmosphere made this a truly welcoming event. The Kingdom Pub is the epitome of a traditional a pub, complete with turf fire and complimentary barn brac.

Saturday’s musical lineup was packed with awesome bands, living up to the standard set on Friday.

Bitch Falcon

Bitch falcon opened the evening in Kingston’s beer garden.
Formed in 2014 in Dublin Bitch falcon have a heavy grunge sound reminiscent of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and with a shot of Black Sabbath injected into their sludgier tracks. I was completely unprepared for just how heavy and how much snarl Bitch falcon pumped into their set. From start to finish it was a fantastic set and one of the best surprises of the weekend!

From Kingston’s I quickly made my way over to a packed out Sol y Sombra to catch Kasio’s set. Established in 2010 and performing under the name Hot Tramp the female fronted Kasio changed their name and moved towards a more electronic and dancey sound. A sound that went down a storm with the audience Saturday night. The venue was packed from wall to wall with people dancing to Kasio’s infectious electronic music. Kasio certainly made an impression, As their set drew to a close the audience called out for “One more tune!”

Following Kasio was headliner I’m Your Vinyl. I’m your vinyl are a two piece from Dublin with an energetic electronic pop sound with shades of retro funk in the rhythm of some tracks. The crowd, already warmed up by Kasio’s great performance, went wild for the distinctive, confident and polished sound of I’m Your Vinyl. Vocalist Dana Donnelly has an amazing stage presence and enthusiastically interacted with the audience by encouraging them to dance (once even jumping off stage to join in) and at one point getting them to pose for a selfie!

The already fantastic atmosphere of K Fest escalated on Saturday and I am genuinely psyched for Sunday, the final day of the festival!

Written by Kyle Mulholland