The annual K-Fest Music and Arts Festival is located in the beautiful town of Killorglin, County Kerry. Venues across the town are resuscitated and re-purposed as music venues and art galleries.

The festival kicked off at 4pm on the 29th with the opening of the 22 art galleries stippled across the town. The galleries are one of the most prominent features of the festival. Converted from disused buildings, some of which have only recently been closed due to the recession, the galleries are vibrant hubs of activity. Drawing in those passing by as often as those who actively seek them out. The concept of revitalising the casualties of the recession with art and other creative pursuits is a touching idea.

One of the more striking events on the roster was ‘50 shades of K’ a live reading of a selection of Erotic poetry in. Various members of K-Fest’s staff (and their mothers!) took to the microphone to regale us with raunchy verses such as ‘The things that people do’ (subtle), ‘My legs wrapped around your neck’ (less so), and ‘A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed (hilarious!). The reading enlivened the evening with a fantastic community spirit.

After this I made my way over to the Sol y Sombra venue, A tapas bar located in a beautifully renovated church, to catch sets performed by Tiz Mcnamara and Cork Folk-Rock group The Young Folk.

Tiz Mcnamara’s set featured understated, bruised, acoustic rock. On April 1st every year Tiz writes a song in memory of his father and brother, who he lost when he was very young. This year the track was ‘I Hope you Know’, it was a touching highlight in a fantastic set.

The Young Folks lively sound encompasses a brand of folk inspired rock that Ireland is famed for with a spin that gives them distinct identity. The set had a solid energy that was perfect for the headline spot of the first night of this vibrant festival.

Finally, the night’s festivities ended with a silent disco in The Forge venue. Which left me rather frayed around the edges.
Onwards to day two!

Written by Kyle Mulholland