First off, what a name these guys have given to themselves. It’s amused me so much that even now as I write this I’m still not sure if I’m pronouncing it right; Kama-supaz-un-down. Ah brilliant. I’m so easily pleased.

So in the last 2 years these guys from Swansea have released their debut album ‘One Minute Silence’ and more recently it’s follow-up ‘Blueprint’ has been let out into the world, to run free while it accepts any love or scrutiny along the way. It’s actually quite hard to pin-point what kind of style and genre they’re going with for this offering. Yes it’s leaning towards an alternative rock record but at times it delves into a heavier and grunge like mis-match that I can’t get my head around.

The first track ‘Stereotypical’ isn’t really doing it for me, some nice guitar riffs but I move swiftly on. To be honest the whole album is all very same-y, with each track failing to have it’s own individual stamp. I prefer when I can easily replay a track and know what it’s called or identify lyrics I like but this just isn’t happening.

‘Wrath of Beauty’ is worth a listen if you fancy some head bopping and dancing around to the guitar arrangements, and the intro for ‘Strange Tides’ was a nice change to the repetitive style I endured for the rest of the album. I’m sure there probably is an audience for this style but it’s not me.

If anything they might get some Muse comparisons thrown their way but whether or not that’s what they’re going for I’m not sure. It seems to me that yes they have different influences and avenues that their music comes from, but as of now they seem to be struggling to make this sound their own.

Written by Nicole Leggett