English artists Lucinda Livingstone and Conor Dawson originally came together in 2014 with the intention of making material that undermines assumptions surrounding mental health in modern society. Since then, the pair have performed all across the UK, Europe and America, racking up a fervent following under the moniker of Kamikaze Girls.

September 2nd sees the release of their latest EP, Sad, which continues to tackle topics such as anxiety and depression in the hopes of providing reassurance to those dealing with these issues on a daily basis. “Hexes” gets things off to an exciting start by building into a barrage of bracing riffs which exude a fantastically forceful alt-rock sound ahead of the disaffected refrain of the verse. The atmosphere stays stirring from here as volleys of vivifying vocals reverberate over energising instrumentation to give rise to a wonderfully riotous opener.

“Stiches” exhibits a psychedelic edge afterwards through distorted guitars that absorb alongside onslaughts of slick and sonorous singing. The outcome is an extremely arresting effort that dabbles in the genre of shoegaze. “I Hate Funerals” eases up on the accelerator while maintaining a vigorous vibe next, making a powerful impact as weighty riffs rivet underneath a hauntingly heavy harmony. “Ladyfuzz” hits the gas again then, racing off across a sea of speedy instrumentation and mellow melodies. “Black Coffee” keeps quick in its wake, enthralling with its astonishing intensity before passing the torch to bonus track “Tonic Youth” to deliver an exhilarating ending.

Kamikaze Girls have combined characteristics of punk, grunge and metal to create an incredibly cogent compilation that’s full of feeling and fortitude. Its expressive execution coupled with its deep and meaningful content is sure to entice alt-rock enthusiasts everywhere. You can pre-order Sad for yourself via beardedpunk.com now.

Kamikaze Girls: Sad

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