American musician Katie Buxton originally developed a passion for performing at the age of twelve when she grabbed hold of a guitar and began banging out an assortment of her own singular folk songs. Several years of participating in bands of various genres followed before she headed off to Tennessee to study songwriting at the University of Belmont.

Since then, she’s become a familiar fixture on Nashville’s local live scene, building up a fervent fan-base by showcasing her skills at venues all around the city. Her efforts haven’t escaped the attention of the media either, with her track “Painted Hearts” being deemed worthy of winning her a place in the finals of the 2016 American Songwriting Awards. Now she’s hoping to turn even more heads in her direction with her latest single, “You Flew”.

It starts with a slow and sedate acoustic riff which soothes the senses ahead of the fantastically vibrant vocals of the verse. The music remains mellow moving forward while the refrain arrests with its remarkable resonance. A calm and cordial chorus comes in to captivate just after the affecting first minute, then passes the torch to a salvo of soft instrumentation.

This bridges the gap to another endearingly delicate stanza, during which the harmony haunts by hitting the high notes without compromising its gentle demeanour. It all eventually culminates in a tranquil climax that ensures the anthem ends as affably as it opened. The result is a serene and accessible folk affair that should have no problem alluring a large listenership. Check it out for yourself on iTunes now.

Katie Buxton
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