Up and coming composer Katy Hurt started to turn heads late last year when her single “Part Time Girlfriend” managed to take the number two spot on the iTunes country chart. The American born musician originally began writing and recording at the age of thirteen in Memphis before relocating to the UK to partake in ACM’s Songwriting and Artist Development program. Having completed the course in early 2016, she’s spent the last few months working with Metropolis Music Publishing to produce her latest release, “Love You More”.

A gentle acoustic riff introduces the track ahead of a moving melody in the first verse. The guitars grow gradually going forward, remaining warm and arresting while the refrain increases in resonance. A cool chorus comes in to captivate at the end of the opening minute before the whole thing transitions tranquilly into the next stirring stanza.

It’s not long until the music and melody erupt rousingly, exuding a lot of energy and expression as they glide gracefully towards a clamorous climax in the enthralling third minute. The tempo tones down again then as it all finishes with an affecting fade out.

This is a fantastically soft yet spirited country pop piece by Hurt that makes for an extremely easy listen. Its vibrant vocals and tender instrumentation afford it a wonderful radio-friendly feel that’s sure to entice mainstream enthusiasts everywhere. Keep an eye out for Katy at events such as the Buckle & Boots and Henley festivals in the weeks to come, but in the meantime you can download “Love You More” from iTunes now.

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