Pop superstar Katy Perry is back with a brand new album entitled Witness. Recorded in conjunction with producer Max Martin, the highly-anticipated fifth full-length record from the American singer features fifteen spectacularly soulful tracks that reflect on changes in her own life as well as the world around her.

It opens with its enthrallingly introspective eponymous anthem, the cool yet characterful execution of which ensures it stays consistently stirring as it sails smoothly towards the enticingly atmospheric synths and superbly expressive singing of “Hey Hey Hey”. “Roulette” is a faster but no less affecting offering afterwards, exuding an abundance of emotion and energy before “Swish Swish” heads down an endearingly dancey route on the way to the alluringly light yet enlivening “Déjà Vu”.

“Power” displays plenty of passion next, showcasing a collection of captivatingly cool verses and fantastically forceful choruses as it stomps steadfastly forward. “Mind Maze” and “Miss You More” are two touching electro ballads in its wake, maintaining a moving ambience between them until “Chained to the Rhythm” takes over to entrance with its industrious electronics and wonderfully rousing refrain.

“Tsunami” is another enchantingly thoughtful undertaking ahead of the hypnotic harmony and upbeat synths that bring “Bon Appétit” to life. This is succeeded by the exceptionally touching music and melodies that make up “Bigger Than Me” and “Save As Draft”, which both manage to make a powerful impact as they set the scene for the stupendously uplifting “Pendulum”. “Into Me You See” veers in a gentler direction then, endowing the record with a relatively restrained yet stunningly exquisite denouement.

Perry has put together an incredibly pensive pop compilation that feels rich with emotional depth and meaning. Her engrossingly elegant vocal work combined with the compellingly poignant instrumentation of each song is sure to seduce a sizable audience. If you haven’t done so already, you can head on over to iTunes to check Witness out for yourself now.


Katy Perry: Witness album review

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