Hot off the heels of the release of her latest single, “This Is Me”, Northern Irish artist Kaz Hawkins is gearing up to launch her brand new album, Feelin’ Good, at the Empire Music Hall in Belfast on May 28th. The record, which will be available for purchase through the singer’s official site from the same date, features ten tracks that Hawkins hopes will reinvent the blues genre for contemporary audiences.

“Pray” gets things off to a soulful start with some gospel-like crooning that reverberates beautifully across subtle percussion. “It Ain’t You” erupts out of its wake atop riffs which arrest alongside more spirited singing. The rhythm continues to accelerate on the way forward as vivifying vocals ring out over invigorating guitars and dexterous drumming.

Playful percussion opens “Don’t Make Mama Cry” next ahead of an incensed serenade which impresses with its powerful delivery. The instrumentation keeps characterful beneath the raucous refrain, giving rise to a feisty affair that remains riveting from beginning to end. The aforementioned “This Is Me” takes over then, uplifting with its optimistic lyrics and reassuring attitude until “Belfast Town” comes in to captivate through upbeat riffs and sonorous singing.

The eponymous anthem is a slower, more sedate addition that puts a thrilling twist on a well-known harmony. “Don’t Run Away” follows by veering back in a brighter direction via vibrant vocals and merry music. “Because You Love Me” is hard-hitting and affecting afterwards, while “Soul Superstar” showcases a moving melody amid poignant riffs and placid percussion. “I Just Wanna Make Love” swoops in then to serve as a slick swansong by paying tribute to another classic composition.

Feelin’ Good certainly exhibits no shortage of energy and enthusiasm as it unfolds. Its vigorous vocal work and smooth yet expressive instrumentation result in a remarkably rousing mixture of roots and blues that’s sure to entice a large listenership.

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