Irish singer/songwriter Keith Cullen is back on the scene and has released a brand new EP. The four-song collection is “filled with all different type of emotions that the listener can feel and sense upon pressing play” says Cullen.

Keith, who resides in Los Angeles, recently broke the U.S. market with his single “Say Something”. The song ended up charting on the Billboard Dance Chart and was also featured in the movie “High Strung” by Michael Damian.

The song then went on to receive a high-energy remix by the famed DJ Mike Cruz, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Madonna and more.

Cullen’s music has allowed him to be able to perform all over the world, including a performance for BBC Live. He also recently signed a management deal in the US with Phil Quartararo, former CEO of Virgin Records, Warner Bros and EMI.

The new EP, titled “Iron Clouds” is named so because “the contrast between iron and clouds is the same as the contrast in the music” says Keith. “The strength in iron represents the strength in the message behind the music while clouds are a representation of the more intelligent and emotional side of this four song EP”.

All four songs are unique in their own right and showcase the Dubliner’s skill in both vocals and songwriting. “What you do, what you say, means nothing” sings Cullen on opening track “Change Is The Reason”.

Following that is “Missing Piece” , a stand out song that could’ve been a ballad written for a hit Broadway Musical today.

“Fast As I Can” with its guitar heavy riffs show a haunting side to the singer’s vocals and showcase what he can do with his voice and the vocal range.

“You’re bound by invisible walls, they’re made from your own dangerous thoughts” sings Keith on “See Thru”. An inspirational ballad that closes the EP leaving the listener enlightened and lifted up. Keith can “See Thru” us all and uses his voice and writing to help the listener get through anything and feel inspired.

In a recent blog post to his fans Keith said “I hope that this EP inspires people to go out and fight for what they love, let go of the things that hurt them, and live their life to their absolute fullest potential.”

Check out “Iron Clouds” below:

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