Los Angeles rapper Kendrick Lamar premieres his new thought provoking music video for the track ‘Alright’.

‘Alright’ is the fourth single to be taken from his critically acclaimed LP To Pimp A Butterfly.

Kendrick’s last video ‘King Kunta’, was a much more traditional looking hip-hop video, this time around, Lamar’s visuals seem to have caught up with his powerful written message.

The seven minute video is book-ended by tails of depression and demons. During the making of To Pimp A Butterfly, the rapper confessed to having suicidal thoughts and this darkness is littered throughout the album.

Lamar told MTV he suffered from “survivor’s guilt”, because so many of his friends and family had passed away. His music is often autobiographical, and this was especially evident on his last album Good Kid M.A.A.D City.

Kendrick said: “Psychologically it messes your brain up. You living this life, you know what i’m saying, but you still have to face the realities of this … I gotta get back off that tour bus and go to these funerals.

“How can I use it [my leadership]? For better or for worse? Money or celebrity, how can I use it? How can I pimp it? Can I pimp it negatively, or can I pimp it in a positive way? Positive for me is showing what I go through, what I’ve been through … but that I still love myself at the end of the day.”

This thought process of ‘pimping his celebrity’, appears to be a driving force behind the video for ‘Alright’.

Police harassment and brutality are evident throughout. Kendrick talks about the vices and evils that bring down his community, however, the song stills retains a positive message, as he floats along the street of L.A.

The black and white video displays both the beauty and the ugliness of Los Angeles’ concrete jungle. There are many visually interesting scenes of the rapper balancing on 30 feet high traffic lights. Apparently, Kendrick really wanted to bring out his inner Jackie Chan, doing all of the video’s stunts himself.

It’s a daring and innovative music video, that cements Kendrick Lamar as one of the most valuable, exciting, and important artists in music today.

Watch the video for ‘Alright’ below.