To say that Irish musician Kevin Casey has an adequate amount of experience on the live scene would be a tremendous understatement. As the frontman of rock ensemble Jaker, he partook in an astonishing 1200+ shows and since deciding to go it solo, he’s succeeded in clocking up over 80 more gigs to add to his rather impressive resume.

With a wide range of styles prevalent throughout his music, it’s not difficult to understand how the singer/songwriter manages to fill a venue. His material dabbles in everything from country and soul to pop and rock. His latest creation is notable for more than just its sound though. Written in memory of a colleague who took his own life several years ago, Casey is planning to use “Uncle Tom” to raise funds for the Blanchardstown based charity, Suicide Awareness Dublin 15.

The track begins with a warm and solemn acoustic riff before being taken over by a pleasant melody. The subtle piano keys during the verse are a moving addition to the proceedings ahead of its loud and bustling chorus. New instrumental elements constantly manifest themselves as things develop, stirring up a lot of emotion as they do so. They’re aided in this endeavour by passionate vocals that cut deep as they narrate the heartfelt, meaningful lyrics. The whole thing then builds to an immense climax and makes a powerful impact.

This well crafted and carefully composed undertaking maintains a soft and gentle sound throughout, allowing for an easy listen. Its moving and thoughtful content is an appropriate fit for its cause. Upon its digital release, it’s Casey’s admirable intention to donate all of the profits to his chosen charity. For now though, you can experience “Uncle Tom” on the artist’s Soundcloud page.

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