“Til The Story’s Told” is the second album by professional bassist Kevin Jenkins. In his 38 year career he has worked with many notable acts, two recent examples being Cyndi Lauper and Enrique Iglesias as well as opening slots for Michael Jackson, The Police and Eric Clapton to name a few. Don’t let the pop star names fool you though, Jenkins’ new album is full of blues tunes with a hint of Americana.

“Spirit In The Sky” is the opening number. It begins with a chant before it’s shortly drowned out by crunchy guitars. It’s an energetic start to the album before “Tangled Up” takes things down a few notches. It sounds like one of Hendrix’s slower numbers with an Americana feel. It’s an interesting mix. One thing that stands out how Jenkin’s bass playing does not take centre stage though he plays some beautiful lines throughout.

“Janie’s Silver Lining” is the albums lead single. It’s a quieter number with a bouncy rhythm. It’s a pretty ballad backed by fiddle, giving it a country rock feel. It’s an interesting number that will hook fans of the genre.

The title track is one of the highlights of the album. It’s one of the rockier numbers second only to the final track “Crazy Weather” thumping rhythms and crying guitars it’s a great way to finish things off.

Kevin Jenkins newest release takes some classic sounds to new songs played by accomplished players. The end result is a blues album with a hint of country that has both relaxing ballads and blues-rock gems.

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