In case you didn’t catch our review of their song “Yank Me Out of Neutral” back in May, Kinetics are an indie rock ensemble whose rise began in the Swedish city of Växjö in 2013. Hot on the heels of that track’s success, the quartet have burst back onto the scene to follow it up with an enthralling new EP.

The six piece compilation begins with the aforementioned lead single, which blasts into an uplifting riff before a heartfelt harmony takes over for the verse. This leads to a captivating chorus that keeps things bright and sunny. It’s a wonderfully passionate effort which gets things off to a cheerful start.

“Gravity Overtook the Parrot” reverberates into a fast and feisty acoustic riff afterwards. A stirring harmony ensues to drift softly through the air before a vibrant chorus, whose enthusiastic attitude is extremely infectious. It all amounts to a very quirky and characterful composition that’s rife with energy and emotion.

The reserved instrumental introduction of “Empty Lanes” follows to sail gently into an incredibly resonant volley of vocals. The dream-like, ethereal ambience that soon develops is inexplicably haunting, having an amazing calming effect as it washes through the senses. “The Ocean” arrives next upon an ominous but rousing riff that builds excitingly towards a forceful melody. The purposeful pace it maintains as it marches furiously forward is riveting, while the smoothly sung chorus really draws you in.

“The Island” grows expectantly into a loud and lively display of instrumentation and vivacious vocals. It’s another quick and captivating creation, loaded with passion and personality. The elated attitude it exudes as it races along fervently makes it a whole lot of fun. “Expand/Retract” goes in a more sombre direction when it’s done, setting a mellow mood via solemn guitars and funereal vocals. It eventually erupts into a deeply affecting exhibition of musical motifs that brings the record to a powerful end.

Whether you love hard-hitting, catchy rock anthems or just upbeat, exciting music in general, then the chances are that you’re going to love this EP. Kinetics have crafted a record packed to the brim with life and vitality. Its invigorating instrumentation and vigorous vocals make for a consistently thrilling listening experience. Check it out on iTunes now.

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