Forming in September 2012, Northern Irish indie rock act King Kartel plunged straight into a promotional tour of the UK and Ireland following the release of their debut single, “Stone Cold Killer”. With tens of thousands of views on Youtube alone and airplay by the BBC, the song got the band’s career off to a nice start.

Now the foursome are ready to explode back onto the scene and build upon their past success with the release of new single “Come At Me Now” on March 30th. The alt-rock belter stomps in on a rousing guitar beat and infectious melody. Fast paced and absorbing, the catchy chorus seems tailor-made to delight at live shows, encouraging listeners to dance along to its irresistible rhythm. There’s a delightfully defiant vibe to the lyrics and instrumentation throughout that generates a very self-assured energy. It’s a song to which it is very easy to lose oneself while listening.

The band have also offered a preview of a companion piece to go with it named “Run”. This slow burning anthem takes off with a penetrating riff and a wonderfully recalcitrant harmony. There’s an almost smug disposition to the enthralling sound as it unfolds through a mellow yet lively execution. The consistently engrossing vocals and finely played guitars continually emphasize its irresistibly throughout.

King Kartel do an excellent job of fusing a punk attitude with a Brit-pop style through both of these tracks. They’re two vigorous rock compositions whose disaffected demeanour is extremely intoxicating. Make sure you experience the band’s latest offering for yourself upon its release later this month. You can also catch them at various venues across the UK between now and the beginning of May. For all of the dates and details, head over to Facebook.


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