Kingdom of Crows is a Dublin-based five-piece alternative rock band with a spacy, atmospheric twist. Their new single is an unusual take on Blondie’s 1980 punk-pop classic ‘Call Me’, taking the song down a previously unexplored and a more textured route.

Beginning slowly, with a soft guitar sound and breezy, ethereal vocals, it’s clear from the off that this isn’t going to be a straight-forward cover. The band add a psychedelic element to the New York punks’ hit, with the accompaniment of a suitably trippy HD visualisation video, altering the arrangement, vocal delivery and tempo of the original. Leading up to the chorus the band teasingly hint at a punk sound, with distorted power chords and sped-up drums, instead transitioning into a quiet, 60’s psychedelia influenced chorus.

Eventually the listener is treated to the raucous sound suggested earlier, providing a heavy climax to the song. The atonal guitar solo in the outro is a welcome departure from that of the original, bringing the cover to a strongly hard rock influenced conclusion.

Kingdom of Crows have a wide range of influences on display here, and a sound that will appeal to fans of everyone from Jefferson Airplane and The Doors to Florence and the Machine, via Goat and Nirvana. The guitarist brings a 1960’s and 70’s classic and psychedelic rock style, something I’d like to see the band build on in future releases. Overall ‘Call Me’ is a promising effort, with some tweaking and general tightening up required, marking this band as one to watch out for in the near future.

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