Kingston are a six piece alternative ensemble from Kilkenny who cite influences ranging from ska to garage. To ensure that their own material remains fresh and unique within the rock genre, they utilise trumpet and saxophone heavily throughout their work. The band, who have already taken to the stage at a number of prominent events including Electric Picnic and K-Fest, are currently prepping for the release of their Chapter from a Book EP on July 3rd.

The five track compilation bursts into a loud and lively instrumental salvo that captivates ahead of an enthusiastic melody during “Stare Through It”. Things tone back briefly before another bout of festive musical motifs and a relatively mellow chorus. It serves as an altogether upbeat and theatrical opening number.

“Eating Flowers” follows with a riveting riff that paves the way for a fast and forceful verse and more merry woodwind work. Moving along at a steady pace from here, it continuously uplifts through its dramatic instrumentation and vivid vocals. “Hazey Brain” arrives next upon an expressive harmony that sets an introspective air while the music remains laid back and relaxing. It proceeds to stroll nonchalantly forward, ultimately ending up as a light and lackadaisical undertaking with an energetic finish.

“The Duke” starts slow and serene afterwards, generating an emotional ambience before erupting into cheery instrumentation. A spirited melody ensues as the whole thing trucks passionately along in the direction of a cutting climax. The hushed introduction of “Chapter from a Book” takes over from here, prefacing a wonderfully heavy and hard-hitting riff. An incredibly captivating chorus is given life by a thrilling instrumental exhibiton and biting vocals. The band definitely saved the best for last here, as it brings the proceedings to an exhilarating end.

Kingston’s goal of using their saxophone and trumpet skills to endow their work with originality is a resounding success. The orchestral elements add a marvellous amount of character and colour to what is already an engaging symphonic rock record. Keep an eye out for Chapter from a Book hitting the digital market in the coming weeks, while you can catch the band at its launch show in Whelan’s the day after it drops on July 4th.

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