Kirsten Dunst is set to make her directorial debut with her big screen adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, with Dakota Fanning taking the lead role. Published in 1963, the year of Plath’s death, The Bell Jar tells the tale of a glamorous lifestyle, yet one hampered by crippling depression and a seemingly never-ending cycle of therapy, not exactly an uplifting read.

Fanning will play Esther Greenwood, a young upstart magazine intern in New York City during the 1950’s. However, Greenwood soon retreats to the comfort of her Boston hometown before suffering a breakdown and ongoing struggle with depression. Greenwood describes her depression as akin to being trapped in a bell jar, struggling to breathe.

It’s not the first time that The Bell Jar has received the big screen treatment, having already been the subject of a rather subpar outing in 1979.

Dunst will also be taking up producing duties, before finally getting behind the camera when filming is due to start in early 2017.

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