Musician Mark Caplice originally sprang onto the scene as Kolumbus over the holiday season last year when he dropped his debut single, “You Know It’s Christmas”. Topping the charts on both Google Play and iTunes, the song was a resounding success for the singer who donated all of its profits to charity.

The Wicklow based artist has been keeping busy in 2016 by touring around Austria and Germany, with more shows set to follow across Europe and America in the near future. Right now though, he’s firmly focused on the release of his latest anthem, “Leave the Light On”. This tune tells the tale of a promise left unfulfilled due to unforeseen circumstances, despite the desire to see that it’s kept.

It dives straight into a sombre serenade amid gentle guitars, all of which joins forces to forge an affecting atmosphere. The rhythm remains restrained as reserved riffs stroll solemnly across pensive percussion and reflective lyrics in the opening minute. The music and melody grow gradually in volume and velocity on the way forward, adding emphasis to the already emotional ambience.

There’s a consistently touching trait exhibited by the tender instrumentation and soft singing, which gives rises to a sound that’s simultaneously stirring and soothing. The whole thing maintains a mellow mood as it paces placidly towards a pleasant but powerful climactic chorus before fading out faintly.

Kolumbus has crafted a contemplative composition here that rests easy on the ears. Its accessible style and heartfelt delivery should go down well with a large listenership.

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