Melancholic Debauchery is the second album by French ‘dark indie’ band Kori and it’s an album with real substance. The listener will be treated to a collection of 11 songs dedicated to all the insecure outcasts and emotional weirdos out there. Thrilling stuff!

Behind the dark subject matter that shifts between love, alienation and slightly strange goings on, we’re treated to a collection of songs that shows a top-notch Indie band in their prime.

From the opening track: “Tonight in the Moonlight”, we get a good idea of what Kori are about. Fine production, jangly guitars, slightly unsettling vocals that can range from a lazy, Joy Division-like drawl to harsh whispers, all supported by a competent, if unremarkable, rhythm section. Kori seem to place greater emphasis on crafting good songs rather than demonstrating individual brilliance. Indeed, the most consistent and noteworthy feature across Melancholic Debauchery’s 11 tracks is how well each song is crafted. Each song has more than its fair share of catchy riffs, great hooks and dynamic contrast so that the listener cannot help but be engaged. This album is a pleasure to listen to, with the passage of time often going unnoticed. There are no real fireworks in terms of musicianship but the lack of technical showmanship is more than made up for by the inspired song writing.

This is not to say the Kori are not versatile, indeed the stylistic variety demonstrated on Melancholic Debauchery  sets it apart from many of its contemporaries. Following on from the yearning opening track, “Nightgame” is a more sensual floor-stomper of a tune whose lyrics will strike a chord with anyone trying to get pumped before a night out on the tiles.  “Hostage” is a slightly twisted take on a love song, whilst “Ups and Downs” is an anthemic ballad that would have seen a horde of Zippos held aloft in days gone by. Also worth a mention is the infectious “Frankenstein”, following on from which Melancholic Debauchery delves into a more dreamy and brooding atmosphere. As the album eases into its finale, the vigorous opening salvo of energy felt in the first half of Melancholic Debauchery makes way for a more ethereal style with some delicate dream-pop sensibilities.

Not being satisfied with crafting some great indie tunes, its seems that Kori want to explore every aspect of what they are as a band. They have said their music is way of reaching out to  all the assorted weirdos out there. If they keep producing music of this high standard, they’ll surely attract a lot more than that.

Highly recommended.

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Kori - Melancholic Debauchery (Album Review)
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