Kosoti – Gone Too Far (Single)

Kosoti – Gone Too Far (Single)

Kosoti is a folk-pop band from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North-East of England.They formed in late 2013 after a near-death experience prompted lead singer Allan Hyslop to focus on playing music, his true passion. The five-piece has gone from strength to strength since, honing their trademark sound whilst earning favourable reviews and continually building upon their fanbase.

On their upcoming single ‘Gone Too Far’, Hyslop tells the guilt-ridden tale of a relationship hanging on by a thread after too many mistakes have been made, too much has been said and done in the heat of an argument and it’s simply too difficult to come back from. Kosoti’s trademark male/female vocal harmonies are the perfect vehicle for this song, the lead’s feelings of heartbreak mirrored by his companion, conveying the hurt felt by both parties excellently.

The band’s folk, pop and rock influences converge seamlessly on this track, with the combination of acoustic and electric guitars, as well as banjo providing a fresh and distinctive sound. The rock-influenced start-stop chorus is the pinnacle of the track, with guest vocalist Rebecca Gregson’s sweet vocals a perfect counterpoint to Hyslop’s gritty pleas.

Kosoti is a band on the rise, and this single could well be the spark needed to propel them into the general public’s conscsiousness. A band with an original sound, great lyrics and enthusiasm to spare, Kosoti definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

‘Gone Too Far’ is scheduled for release on the 27th of April.