Cork born, Dublin raised artist Kurtis Wade originally took to writing and composing at the age of sixteen, following a childhood steeped in music. Two years later he headed stateside, where he traveled far and wide, moving from Arkansas to San Francisco to Nashville, progressively honing his skills at each respective location. It was in the latter city that he recorded his debut EP with producer Dune Baydoun. Released last September, it hit the number one spot on the Irish iTunes singer/songwriter chart, as well as making the top ten album chart.

Now he has returned to unleash his latest record, Conflict, upon the world. The three track compilation begins with its lead single, “War”, as a marching band like drum beat trots into a fervent melody. Soon afterwards, the whole thing erupts into a tumult of energetic instrumentation and passionate vocals. Loaded with feeling and expression, it’s a forceful pop piece, whose execution is extremely accomplished.

“Love Too Much” succeeds it by way of reserved piano keys that play out behind strikingly vivid vocals, generating an immediately affecting ambience. From here, things continue on into a mellow melody that showcases a very impressive vocal range alongside some stirring string work. It’s a heartfelt and haunting undertaking that culminates in a cutting climax.

A restrained but optimistic acoustic riff opens “Satellites” next and teams up with a purposeful harmony which moves in the direction of a resounding chorus. This is another cool and collected composition, whose vibrant vocals and emotional instrumentation really resonate.

Wade has assembled a truly touching blend of pop, rock and folk that demonstrates his immense vocal and instrumental talent splendidly. There’s a genuine sense of depth and meaning to each of the above offerings, which makes for a rousing listen.

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