American musician Kyle Britton has a penchant for taking traditional folk techniques and turning them upside down to create colourful compositions that subvert the usual expectations surrounding the genre. Citing his infancy in a military family as a catalyst for his non-conformist nature, he’s currently completely work on an EP that he hopes will encourage listeners to look at their life decisions and examine the choices that have led them to where they are today. The vigorous vibe of the upcoming compilation’s latest single, “Villain”, certainly proves that his approach to making music is intriguingly original.

A subtle acoustic riff introduces the track amid ominous chimes that establish an unsettling atmosphere ahead of a sequence of subdued singing. Things take a thrilling turn towards the end of the opening minute when the music and melody erupt energetically and adopt a defiant demeanour. The rhythm remains rapid and rousing from here as a commanding chorus captivates before a bridge of pummelling percussion paves the path to the exciting second stanza.

A resolute refrain ensues to resound across a collection of quirky instrumental elements, all of which give rise to a sound that’s simultaneously pressing and playful. There’s a tongue-in-cheek undertone to the entire thing as it stomps steadfastly forward, exuding attitude and enthusiasm in ample amounts.

Eccentric strings add emphasis to the fanciful feel of the proceedings during the next mischievous chorus, then take over to enchant on the way to the characterful conclusion. The outcome is wonderfully whimsical folk/rock offering that’s packed with plenty of personality and passion. Its slick idiosyncratic style should succeed in winning over a wide audience.

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