American pop/rocker Kylie Hughes originally started to turn heads a little over three years ago when she embarked on a quest to conquer the crowds on the local live scene in Los Angeles. Since then, she’s managed to amass more than five thousand followers between Facebook and Twitter as well as winning acclaim from the likes of Good Day LA, KCAL-TV and Most recently though, she collaborated with producers Mark McKee, Ben Jaffe, Mike Shimshack and Brendan Frieson on a brand new compilation that she describes as her long overdue “new beginning.”

Due to drop on May 26th, the adept twelve track self-titled undertaking is introduced through the forceful yet friendly riffs and enticingly spirited singing of “Heat”, which serves as superbly passionate opener ahead of the more easy-going but equally engrossing “Gotta Get Out”. This is followed by the fantastically fiery refrain and infectiously fervent instrumentation that keep “Leave It Alone” captivating until “Love Somebody Else” takes over to enthral with its tranquil guitars and touching vocals.

“Always On Your Side” is an absorbingly reflective fusion of affecting music and meditative melodies afterwards that’s perfectly complemented by its captivatingly calm and contemplative successor, “Little Did You Know”. “Hungover” veers down a more vigorous route then, oozing oodles of energy and expression as it paces pensively in the direction of the delightfully dynamic “Dead or Alive”. “Uh Huh” rivets with its rapid riffs and sobering singing next before “Free Fallin” sails in to serve as a soothing bridge to the compellingly placid “I Can’t Believe We’re In Love”, after which “Forever Is A Long Way to Fly” guides the proceedings to a grippingly graceful finish.

Hughes has delivered an endearingly diverse and dexterous synthesis of country, folk, pop and rock here that remains remarkably warm and arresting from commencement to conclusion. Its harmless yet heartfelt amalgamation of affable riffs, genial drumming and vivid vocals is sure to allure a large listenership.

Kylie Hughes: Self-titled album review
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