“Circle” presents everything to love about Kyshera– memorable instrumentation, soaring vocals and hooks to go crazy for. This album’s prime selling point lies within the lead singer,  James Kennedy who gives unreal vocals on every song on the album. Kyshera’s incredible solidarity on Circle, alone sets the bar enormously high for their next album to come.

The first track “Napoleon”, as the opener paves the way for the near hour-long record. Despite its length, it does anything but drag on. This is thanks to James Kennedy’s vocals which hold the listeners attention and never let go. The heavy drums, infectious bass and synth riffs make it the perfect track to open this album. Filled with exploding crescendos, “Napoleon” immediately captures the listener’s’ attention.

The fifth song off the album “The Wrong Size” takes more of a straightforward pop-rock stance. The song has everything from upbeat tempo, amazing guitar riffs and an explosive and catchy chorus. Its dance oriented nature makes for a bit of diversity on the album yet it doesn’t disrupt the album’s seamless flow.

Along with other ballads on this album, “The Wrong Size” is a love song that’s bound to get stuck in your head. For me one of the best tracks on the album.

“Break This” further advances Circle sonically as the track is uncharted territory. The dark whispering vocals and eerie guitar riffs featuring in the enchanting opening proves the bands unique songwriting ability.

Standouts “Demon” and “Endgame” provide a break from the dramatic ballads as they’re absolutely massive rock numbers that are huge on substance, catchiness, and production, which is something Kyshera has down to a tee. The second song is titled “Demon” for a reason. The bad-ass synth riffs, raging guitar and f *** the world attitude in the lyrics make the song title damn near perfect. “Scream out if you don’t give a f***.” With somewhat inspirational ideas in lyrics ….“Take your desires and live with no limits/”. Demon is a guaranteed favourite.

With that said, the band does a superb job on the slower tempo tracks such as “Gone” and “The End”.

The bands new single “Gone” introduces the band’s ballad side, with a catchy melody type love song. It’s not the most memorable track off the album, not even a close second, but nevertheless a heartfelt song with sheer emotion. The official video is rather distracting when trying to listen to the music and slightly cringing to say the least. I would recommend watching the video of James Kennedy’s acoustic version which is without the bad acting and is equally as good stripped back.

“The End” quite evidently wraps up the album. With quite a sudden drop in energy in comparison to the rest of the album, considering there isn’t a single pause throughout the entire album. It’s slow tempo, softly sung vocals and gentle acoustic guitar playing puts a stop to our heart palpitations. No doubt beautifully written, “The End” joins together different sides of the band and captures the wide variety of songs that can be heard on this album. Perhaps not the best song to “end” the album. Pun intended. I think this album, as energetic as it is, desperately needed to go out with a bang.

To sum up this album, the most energetic and stronger songs are at the start. The bands killer bass stands out in this album the most while it lacks many guitar solos. While Kyshera may be similar in sound with other acts, Circle separates them from others and cements them as a recognizable band. Although their sound is slightly different from the likes of Marianas Trench, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, and Rage Against The Machine, those are some of the bands that could be compared to them the most. Kyshera have taken solid, hard-rocking songs and twisted them into something that’s entirely their own. Circle is out on March 16th & the UK headline tour starts in April 15th. It’s possible that Circle will be a strong contender for one of the best pop-rock albums of 2015.