Barcelona band Lancaster (wonder if there’s any bands from Lancaster called Barcelona) has just released an annoying single called “Dig Me Up”, presumably because somebody buried it to stop hearing it.

Taking their influences from UK bands such as You Me at Six, they do well in creating shiny overproduced polished metal, which is what we want in the actual material metal but not in the musical variety.

It sounded like a few different songs in one, with so many stops and starts, and a random guitar solo thrown in at the end. Boybandy, I feel that this single will do well despite failing to set them apart from the plethora of similar sounding bands in this genre.

The single is taken from their forthcoming second album, having already released “Journeys” in 2014. Lancaster toured Spain and the UK in February but will probably be having another run to support the new material. Lo siento, lads, this single was not for me.

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