British based artist Lánre has been belting out the tunes since she made her on-stage debut at the age of eight. The start of the century saw the soulful singer set off to tour the world as a member of GK Real before she forged her first solo album in 2011. Now she has returned to unleash her latest record, Human.

The title track introduces things via ominous electronics ahead of a salvo of soft yet sonorous singing that manages to make a powerful impact while the music remains restrained in the background. There’s an almost a cappella quality to the whole thing until the instrumentation erupts enthusiastically in the third minute. The outcome is a light but enlivening opening number.

Urgent riffs get “Fire” off to a solemn start afterwards. Its affecting guitars are soon joined by vibrant vocals which resonate wonderfully over sombre musical motifs on the way forward. It’s all very vivifying and vociferous as it drifts determinedly in the direction of a gentle denouement.

“Dreams” is a peaceful piece next, made up of warm riffs amid a relaxing refrain. The instrumentation grows gradually without compromising its soothing style as it unfolds, while the serenade stays soft and stirring from start to finish.

“My Soul” sails out of its wake atop guitars that keep quick and compelling across a haunting harmony. The adamant attitude of the resolute lyrics gives rise to an uplifting folk affair that affords the EP an inspirational ending.

Lánre has delivered a stripped-down and dire assortment of songs that demonstrate you don’t need to sound too intense to craft an effective compilation. The straightforward yet heartfelt feel of each anthem results in a tenacious undertaking that’s worth taking the time to experience.

You can find Human for yourself on iTunes now.

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