Larissa Tormey, a Russian born, Ireland based singer-songwriter released her debut EP, Doors to Joy, on September 1st with a full-length album to follow later in the Fall.

The adult-contemporary artist spent over a year crafting these meaningful, thought provoking songs that are sure to pull at the heartstrings of every human emotion.

The title track, Doors to Joy, is a true love song. But not in the standard sense of one person loving another romantically. It’s much deeper than that. It’s a song about loving life in every possible way, and being able to help someone realize their fullest potential in life. And to realize this full potential, one must unlock their Doors to Joy. This type of love is highlighted in the music video of the title track from the EP below.

Doors to Joy was recorded in Ventry Studios, Ireland with producer and multi instrumentalist David McCune. The EP additionally includes two bonus acoustic versions of earlier singles, “Addiction” and “Enchanted Night” which were recorded with Irish pianist and musical director, Gavin Murphy, who played piano on all tracks for the EP and album and feature internationally renowned guitarist Bill Shanley, who has worked with artists like Ray Davies, Mary Black and Sinead O Connor.

The Doors to Joy EP is being distributed through JTV Digital and is available to purchase on all popular digital sites. This Fall will also bring the release of a full-length record – Larissa’s first LP ever recorded in all English.