Late Cambrian certainly seem to have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. After closing out 2014 by touring around Europe with Wheatus, Deli Magazine named the Brooklyn based band as one of the top three NYC indie acts to watch out for in 2015. They’ve also been able to enjoy hearing their music played on a number of popular TV shows, including The Real World.

At the moment the pop/rock ensemble are hard at work rehearsing material from their new record for live performances.  Golden Time – the group’s third album – was funded through PledgeMusic and has recently been released for purchase on iTunes. It features nine tracks that have an extremely sunny disposition, radiating nothing but warmth and good feelings.

“Throwing Shade” is made up of striking synths, funky riffs and merry vocals. It’s a fun and catchy number loaded with enthusiasm. “Golden Time” is just as happy, with its fast guitars, infectious melody and vibrant electronics, all of which generate a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Glitzy synths are the defining feature of “Illamasqua”, forging a rhythm tailor made for dancing. A jubilant melody joins in to help secure a sound rich with optimism. “Game Show” follows on with a warm and welcoming vibe, produced by lively instrumentation and absorbing vocals.

“Now” slows things down a little, featuring a riff that strolls along unconcernedly hand in hand with gleeful synths. This is a playful track that’s in no rush anywhere, being content to take its time and relax as it unfolds. “Objects May Appear” decides to get more purposeful with its percussion and guitars, but keeps its vocals light and airy.

Electropop anthem “Dybil” relies heavily on sparkly synths and electronic effects. It’s a glamorous approach that would probably find it a nice home on the club scene. “Montauk” on the other hand is a complete departure, stripping away all of the hectic technical elements rife in its predecessors. Instead it opts for a simple acoustic duet that makes for a pleasant listen.

“Shiny Cars” begins very theatrically, exhibiting instrumentation that plays out rather like a victory celebration from a movie score. The music tones back as the verse kicks in, then slowly builds back up as the melody grows. It serves as quite a progressive finale that develops to a powerful climax.

Late Cambrian are clearly a very positive and upbeat bunch of individuals. There is not the slightest hint of pessimism or negativity hidden within their uplifting sound. While it may be a tad sugary sweet for some, I can’t imagine anyone taking issue with Golden Time’s kind-hearted nature. It’s an album full of encouragement and passion whose primary objective appears to be to leave listeners with a smile on their lips.

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