Dublin based band Late City Edition have managed to make a mark in the media over the last few months by appearing in papers such as The Daily Star and The Mirror, as well on websites and blogs all around the internet. This led to a lot of anticipation in the run up to the release of their debut record, A Classic Case of…, which was launched live at Opium last Friday.

Featuring eleven tracks, it explodes to life with the exhilarating riffs of “The River”. A spirited serenade soon ensues and remains rousing atop optimistic instrumentation ahead of a collection of cool guitars and percussion which slowly accelerate for a fervent finish. “Blink of an Eye” is a lighter but no less enlivening effort that trucks cheerfully through mellow music and laid-back vocals. “End of the World” races urgently out of its wake, maintaining a rapid rhythm while a resolute refrain resounds across pressing yet playful instrumentation.

“Bury the Hatchet” serves as a soothing successor that drifts gently but determinedly in the direction of the delicate introduction of “Everything You Thought You Had”. This relaxing ballad strolls serenely forward, keeping captivating and cordial from beginning to end. “Emily Jane” arrests with a friendly acoustic riff afterwards before an amiable melody moves in to emphasize its exultant atmosphere. “Two Times a Lover” hits hard when it’s done, stomping off upon pummelling percussion and invigorating guitars amid vigorous vocals.

“Turning of the Tide” feels foreboding as ominous instrumentation paces purposefully underneath a haunting harmony, resulting in a stirring song that leaves a lasting impression. “She Saves My Soul” is another dire addition then that sounds simultaneously severe and exciting as it unfolds. “Fade Away” follows to enthral through relaxing riffs and reflective vocals before “Love Is Real” takes over to bring things to an enthusiastic yet calming conclusion.

Late City Edition have assembled a diverse and endearing assortment of pop/rock tunes that are loaded with power and passion. The distinct and accessible style of each offering means that most people should have no difficulty finding something to satisfy their tastes here. You can find A Classic Case of… on iTunes now.

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