Moscow Metro are a Limerick based band that formed in February 2012. Since then the band have done extensive touring throughout Ireland. They played festivals like Electric Picnic and also toured Germany including a sold out show in Stuttgart. The band consists of musicians, Sean Corcoran (vocals, bass guitar, guitars, keys) and Dylan Casey (drums, percussion, keys). In January 2015 they released a new track titled Late Night Radio.

The song kicks off with just drums laying down an uplifting beat, which is then followed by a guitar strumming. It’s a simple, but effective intro to the song. It’s not complicated or over the top, it fits the song perfectly. The vocals then become the center of attention after just a few bars of the intro. At first, the vocals didn’t really click; the words were hard to understand which can throw you off. But quickly you realise that is the way they were intended to be, and they are awesome once you can hear that. The whole song has a sort of pop punk feel to it, but the much lighter side of that genre. The guitar strums what sound like power chords throughout the song, which really give it that punk feel. It’s backed up by the simple beat set down by the drums and the bass guitar. The chorus has got to be the best part of the whole song. It has a very airy and uplifting feel to it. The vocals really capture all of your attention at this stage. The keys for the chorus sound great too, they make that uplifting feeling even stronger. Overall this song is just awesome.

I would recommend this song to absolutely anybody, regardless of what you listen to. You can’t help but like it, it has all the elements of a great, catchy song. It does what music is supposed to do, it makes you feel better and you feel like getting up to dance and have a great time. I’m going to give the song three and a half out of five, because it was such a great song. One thing’s for certain, after listening to this song you will have the melody stuck in your head and will keep finding yourself singing the words.