Canadian composer Laura Roy discovered a passion for performing in early adolescence when she picked up a guitar and embarked on a quest to conquer the local live scene in Nova Scotia. Having put together her first record at the age of sixteen, she took it upon herself to sell it to students in the schoolyard before heading off to Dartmouth to study music at college.

Flash forward to the present and the industrious young artist is hot off the heels of finishing work on her latest self-titled EP, which arrived online on July 3rd. Showcasing six stirring synth-pop pieces, it gets off to a slick start via the laid-back beat of “Don’t Chase”. This is followed by a relaxing refrain which drifts gently across soothing yet spirited instrumentation, ensuring things stay enticing through to the cool and compelling climactic chorus.

“Looking the Other Way” is equally engrossing next, pacing off pressingly upon vibrant vocals and energetic electronics to forge an enthralling chill-out tune that’s full of feeling and fervour. “Bright Lights” uplifts in its wake with heartfelt singing and optimistic music which combine to create a captivatingly characterful composition ahead of the sobering synths and mellow melody that make up “Full Moon”.

There’s a sense of urgency surrounding the instrumentation of “Take Me Down” afterwards, despite its slow-burning execution. The ambience remains weighty as vociferous vocals reverberate rousingly over acute electronics, resulting in a song that’s somehow simultaneously serious and sunny. “Plastic” exhibits an absorbing R ‘N’ B sound when it’s done, exuding oodles of intensity as it flies forcefully towards an effective finish.

Roy has delivered a light yet enlivening endeavour that rests remarkably easy on the ears as it unfolds. Its peppy personality and accessible, radio-friendly style make it ideally suited to mainstream consumption. Check it out for yourself on iTunes now.

Laura Roy
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