Dublin rapper Lethal Dialect drops his new video for the track ‘New Dublin Saunter’.

‘New Dublin Saunter’ features regular collaborator Jess Kav, bringing texture and soul to the track and it’s produced by Gerryboy.

The short film was shot by Irish director Terry McMahon, who’s previously directed the feature films 2011’s Charlie Casanova and 2014’s Patrick’s Day.

‘New Dublin Saunter’ features Lethal Dialect at his best. Lyrically he’s an ever evolving character. The song gives the impression of a rover, who’s returned home, eager to share what he has experienced.

He describes a gritty, yet familiar Dublin, that can only be seen with the eyes of absence, a very different Dublin, to the traditional Irish song ‘Dublin Saunter (Dublin Can Be Heaven)’, composed by Leo Maguire and originally recorded by Noel Purcell in the 1940s.

First port of call, my hometown, cloaked with smog and rainwater fall, asphalt, cobblestone, polluted river, bikes and trolleys thrown, follow me home, let me show you warts and all.

Lethal Dialect pulls back the curtain to expose a real Dublin, that no visitors ever see. He’s not afraid to tackle social issues, in fact social issues and conditions were a driving force behind his first two criminally underrated albums,  LD50 (free for download) and LD50 Part 2 (free for download).

Past the tourist distractions, where the city’s lost children in back lanes, with tracked veins, chasing the dragon.”

He addresses the ongoing emigration problems in Ireland, referencing past generations of Irish arriving at Ellis Island. Even the first line of ‘New Dublin Saunter’ mentions he gets off a plane from Boston, reinforcing the lost generations that had to move to the East Coast of America.

There’s a ‘Waiting for Godot’ feeling to the first verse, where each day unfolds the same way. “I asked him if anything had changed in my absence, and if it has, let me pick your brain, he said ‘it hasn’t, different day, but the shit’s the same.'”

He’s dumbfounded as to why Irish people won’t support their own, “cause i can’t fathom why your own people, hate to hear their own accent.” LD ventures an explanation that it’s to do with an oppressive history and inferiority complex.

Production wise, it is very melodic, dream like, with light piano and horns adding a jazzy feel to the track. It doesn’t sound dissimilar to beats by The Expert, who produced the majority of the beats for Messiah J and The Expert’s albums.

The second verse combines his trademark positivity, with the never ending message to ‘get to your dreams’ and to never let fear stop you from going against the grain, “So when it feels like we’re pissing in the breeze, remember dead fish go with the flow, us we swim against the stream, don’t need recognition for building self esteem, surrounded by winners.”

It’s always a pleasure hearing new material from one of the most captivating artists in Ireland, and his latest offering, is no exception.

The track is available to download from Lethal Dialect’s soundcloud for free https://soundcloud.com/lethal-dialect.

Watch the video for ‘New Dublin Saunter’ below.