Lights out Lester

Lights Out Lester “Smokescreen” – Single Review

Lights Out Lester is an English rock duo made up of Marty Felton and Benjamin Wade with some of their tracks featuring Naomi Whybrow on backing vocals. “Smokescreen” is their latest single from their debut EP entitled “Do You Feel Electric?”. Lights Out Lester are similar to the likes of The xx, James Blake and Wild Beasts but are unique in their own right.

Smokescreen opens with a sensational guitar riff. The heavy overdrive guitars leads us to believe that this track is very much a heavy rock tune, up until the soft vocals and synth kick in that is. The instrumentation is toned-down and the song takes on a new form, electronic. Guitar licks drift in and out of the verse which reassures us that there is still some rock present. The chorus also takes on a new approach, as the background music fades we hear more of the female vocal, accompanied by some slow chords on the guitar. You can’t help but feel a jazz/blues influence here. We also get to hear more ambient pulses and synth/ rhythmic wobbles throughout which creates somewhat of a groove. Still waiting for that heavenly guitar riff we first heard in the opening to return. And there it is. Tension builds as we hear the heavy overdrive seeping in to make its awaited return. All of the music styles we previously heard in the beginning are fused together in the end, to create what can only be described as a euphony of sound.

Smokescreen is very much a song in a state of constant change, gradually building up to a combination of rock and electronic. Lights Out Lester have dived head-first into the realms of rock/electronic avant-garde and produced some dazzling results.