Described as a “dreampop ethereal wave project”, Lights That Change was originally spearheaded by Welsh musician Marc Joy. Upon its formation, it represented a shift in his focus towards forging his own material after a long career as a producer and engineer for other artists. Handling guitar duties himself, Joy has since recruited vocalist Mandy Clare, bassist John Bryn and drum programmer Mal Holmes to participate in his endeavour by completing the band’s current lineup.

Their work has met with quite a bit of success to date, having been featured on BBC Wales, Decay FM and a number of other radio stations both in Britain and across the pond in America. The group are currently readying their debut album, Byzantium, for release through Ear to Ear Records. This follows on from the 2013 EP, Rainbow On Your Shoulder, and its 2014 sequel, Whispers in February.

In anticipation of their first full record, the foursome recently unveiled its lead single, “Voices”. The new track begins with an extended fade in that sets an ominous atmosphere before a penetrating beat erupts alongside extraordinary guitars that are almost otherworldly in nature. A distant and distorted harmony soon makes its presence felt, emanating an electronic edge as it echoes across the dreamy instrumentation.

The piece sails forward at a relaxed pace, unfolding smoothly and stirring through its strong psychedelic sound. The transcendent rhythm it develops as it progresses becomes inexplicably enthralling. A darkness seems to remain buried in the background, while things stay simultaneously optimistic and exciting. The ambiguous affect of its execution pulls you in and maintains your attention throughout. There’s something very trippy and thrilling about this composition in its entirety.

Keep an eye out for the arrival of Byzantium later in the summer, but for now you can find “Voices” and the rest of the Lights That Change back catalogue on Bandcamp.

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