Linn Oberg’s reputation has steadily risen over the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down with her new single Freediver. The Stockholm based musician opened for Sinead O’Connor in 2013 and has since been getting an increasing amount of airplay on Swedish radio. Her debut album When You Go is set for release on February 18th and there will be many interested ears listening in.

Starting with a simple acoustic guitar, Freediver builds slowly to a proud, glorious finish. The chorus is a triumphant moment that yearns to be sung aloud by anyone who hears it, and will surely make a great live number too. It’s catchy, uplifting and toe-tapping – all the hallmarks of a true pop song. Oberg’s vocals can draw some similarities to early Bjork, and that is certainly no bad thing either.

She has already shown her talent on Parades, her 2012 EP which came in for particular praise when it was released. The EP showed her talent at crafting a few strong tracks, but the real test is whether she can expand that into a full album. On the basis of this – as well as last year’s track The Carrier – it looks like a test Linn Oberg will pass with flying colours.

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