By Shauna Golden

Following the recent success of their debut single ‘Nothing’s fine’, Stockholm based Lion’s Den are back with their second single ‘Timetimetime’ which is out now and certainly packs a punch. If you are looking for a more aggressive, edgier sound that is complimented with versatile lyrics and a catchy bass line then you should definitely give this band a listen.

The trio are taking the garage rock feel to a new level, accompanying its usual classic style with lyrics that leave an impact and gives the message out with the old and in with the new a different kind of meaning. Their distorted sound is enhanced by lyrics with content that is clever and honest and echoes just how we all feel about the passage of time in today’s world, yet keeps a nice feel to it by adding distinctive harmonies to further compliment an already catchy melody.

Much like their first record, this single is well worth the listen, no doubt giving us yet another insight into the undeniable success of their upcoming album which is due for release this summer via Lazy Octopus Records. Working through the usual channels that see so many bands emerging from this genre, Lion’s Den offer that something extra that sets them apart from the usual drums meet guitar meet lyrics type of music, where each individual instrument works together and the content of the song engages it’s audience as it spits out a topic we can all relate to. With further music being released in the not so distant future, there’s no doubt in my mind that this band are certainly a band to watch out for.