What if we sat with someone without talking.
What if that silent communication was more important than the words that we utter from our mouths.

Words have an action and a reaction to ourselves and the listener, so why not take that away and allow the silence to reign. Allow the thoughts to fade because as soon as those thoughts linger, they clutter the mind.

So let go of the clutter at all costs.
Free the mind into an abyss of silence,
Allowing only the senses to play and be free.
Our senses are so powerful that we truly dismiss them over rationality, thought and speech.

Our senses are essentially the best tool we have to be more in tune with our lives, to obtain complete fulfillment.
For instance if you feel cold; you would put on a coat.
Yes, you can try argue or dismiss the need but our body is not complacent. It demands this so it can function effectively. We deny it because we do not respect our body with gratitude leaving us wondering why it reacts in ways that we do not wish. Sometimes we are cold because we let ourselves become drained or starved. So in response our body says that we are cold so let’s store fat to prevent the cold next time. This is just a basic example of a much more complex response system.

The point is that listening to our senses means that we honour our vessel that serves us with efficiency at its core.
If we deny it, its needs, it responds accordingly. It all amounts to an end result.
I have a job that I need in order to facilitate a life that I desire with riches, adoration etc. Due to stress; I drink, self-image; I go the gym and so on.

My partner or I cheat because we have lost our physical or emotional connection to one another. In the end we end up with lots of regrets about our lives wishing we had taken more time to be happier and attentive with those that we love, to truly understand what is happening in their lives.
Our traditional senses include taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. We also have non-traditional senses, thermoception (sense of temperature), equilibrioception (sense of balance) and nociception (sense of pain).

We are often highly dissociated from them and sometimes end up wondering how we arrive at strange and awkward situations. When our lives move smoothly and events are synchronistic, what a ride life becomes. We feel in flow with such an awe of reality that nothing else can compare.
Not often does that feeling actually happen to us. When we find ourselves brought to the right people, right places and the right time. Those are the times when things truly are amazing. There is a sense of belonging with the world around us.

We also feel that nerves begin to rise within us as we begin to feel these new senses but we are afraid of those nerves. So we try to suppress and rationalize them looking for answers. Thinking too intently kills the moment of awe.
Trusting our gut instincts that screams to us everyday of the way that we should live and be. Awaiting things to unfold takes patience and trust. The results will be clear and rewarding even if not always monetary gain or other gains. Thinking slows down life as we have to constantly evaluate and sort everything. Trying to make it fit into our lives even as a reason. An indication of sorts.

But what if life is what we make of it. Life is not about lessons or preconditioned ideas.
What if truly being us at this moment, is how life is meant to experienced. What we do right now in this instant, is what really matters.

What are your senses telling you now. For me at this moment in time there is a sense of freedom. Ironically to acknowledge it I need to think.
If I allow myself to flow with it then I am taken more and more into myself.

A place where there are no needs and desires. A place of where I can finally connect to my surroundings. A place where I do not search for answers signs or conversation. In that place, what if I ultimately met my soul. In that place where others bond, not with reason but just to be present.

Everything in our life happens for a reason.
Things happen when they are meant to happen.
We just need to be fully present welcome and allow things to take their course.

If our desire does not present itself then wasn’t for us.
We react to feelings within us that show us meaning.
Our body speaks to enlighten us and tell us about our true selves. To guide us the right way and make us feel alive fulfilled.

Life wouldn’t be seen as complicated because we create complicated situations, by allowing or neglecting our duties, that often can make it much more confusing .

Thanks to Moonstarz for sharing this article with us.

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