English folk aficionado Little Lapin is back with a brand new compilation called Holding Out for the Kicks. Following in the footsteps of last year’s critically acclaimed Remember the Highs, it features nine more neighbourly anthems for fans to feast upon.

“California Sun” kicks things off with a colourful riff which arrests underneath a resonant refrain on the way forward. The result is a forceful yet friendly affair that acts as a wonderfully warm introduction before “Baby Blue” takes over to enthral with its tranquil instrumentation and hushed harmony. “Run! Run! Levina!” heads back in a brighter direction when it’s done, uplifting via vibrant vocals and merry music.

“Gratuity” is another gentle effort that maintains an amiable ambience as it washes tenderly towards the lullaby-like “Lovers Gate”. The title track is just as touching afterwards, showcasing an expressive serenade amid mellow music. “Birchanger Blues” opts for a faster approach then via vigorous guitars and colourful crooning.

The instrumentation of “Missing Mannequin Man” is somehow simultaneously sunny and sombre, making for a contemplative composition that keeps consistently compelling. “You Light Me Up” hits the accelerator in its wake, speeding off upon pressing riffs and passionate singing to deliver an effective finish.

Little Lapin has created a characteristically cordial combination of folk and Americana that rests extremely easy on the ears. The relaxing rhythm and altogether innocuous nature of each song should succeed in attracting the attention of a vast and varied listenership.

Holding Out for the Kicks is available for pre-order from Bandcamp now.

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