Since hitting the scene in 2012, indie pop artist Little Lapin has performed the world over. Originally from Devon, the singer/songwriter spent several years in New Zealand before recently finishing up a tour in New York. She has also enjoyed quite a bit of success off the road. Upon its release, her single, “Waiting Room”, taken from her 2013 self-titled debut EP, was favourited by BBC Radio 6’s Introducing Mixtape show.

Last year saw the musician hard at work with producer Ben King on a new album, which is due to drop later in 2015. To build anticipation for the forthcoming record, she has chosen to share “Remember the Highs” with the world.

The track dives straight into warm, rich vocals and affecting guitars which afford it a very hospitable feel from the offset. It becomes even more intoxicating as percussion sets in, sailing along swiftly yet gently. There’s something inexplicably comforting about the song’s soft and relaxing rhythm. All of its elements work together to forge a beautifully captivating pop piece.

The singer has also offered a preview of the equally impressive, “Over the Draft”. This latter contribution flows into a reserved acoustic riff and enthralling melody. Synths set in just before resolute drums march off, building an optimistic air as they do so. There are heavy elements of folk at play throughout which maintain a sense of poignancy until the instrumentation fades out and lingers.

Little Lapin certainly has plenty to offer when it comes to musical talent. Her latest material carries a hypnotic sound that is wonderfully moving. If the above compositions are any indicator, then listeners are in for quite a treat when the album hits in its entirety.

“Remember the Highs” is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

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