Power Punk Rock band Audible Joes traveled from Cork on their tour bus to play a headliner midnight show in Dublin’s Whelans on Friday, March 20th.

The four piece Cork band describes themselves as “Punk Rock, varying from melodic to hardcore and everything in between.” The line-up is Michael Stone – Vocals/Guitar, Alex Dinan – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals, Ella – Guitar/Vocals and David Ballantine – Drums.

Audible Joes
Audible Joes tweets a pic on their way to Dublin for their headline show!

Dublin is not an easy place to come to when you’re an outsider, and the Dub’s are a very critical audience to play to. However, Audible Joes took to the stage full of confidence and filled the room with a wall of sound. Leaving no escape and no room for the usual gig talkers and sound scrapers.

The dance floor filled with a mix of headbangers and onlookers as the band kicked off into their opener “How to Build an Urban Soldier”. At this point of the gig, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was clever enough to move out of the way as the Moshers took over the dance floor.

Their sound captivated me and brought me back to old school days, Punk with a mix of metal thrown in for good measure. It was one of those “You better be prepared to mosh” gigs, and by the look of the audience they were enjoying every bit of the bands performance.

The band played their latest track Murder Victim, this song completely took the roof right off. Fast paced and in your face punk, this was the killer song for me on the night. They did play a few covers and one that stuck out was Pet Sematary by the Ramones and they nailed it.

Overall it was a superb gig, shame there was not a bigger crowd to witness a great show from such a fantastic band.

SetList –
1 How to Build an Urban Soldier
2 State of Frustration and Sin
3 Here come the Drum (c)
4 Murder Victim
5 Empty Shells 6 Speaker Submission
7 Dead Men Walking
8 Pet Sematary (c)
9 RIP Me 10 Police on my Back (c)
11 Hangman
12 What’s going on in the World
13 Bombs Away
14 Knowledge (c)
15 Snakes
16 Centrefold (c)
(c) Cover*