Rachael McCormack

Live Review: Rachael McCormack Single Launch at Abner Browns

Rachael McCormack
Photo by Hazey Lake

I must have walked one thousand miles to reach my destination, well it felt like that. But it was worth it. Saturday evening October 4th, I received a gig invite to a single launch in a barber shop in Rathmines. It does sound a bit crazy until you step inside Abner Browns barber shop. The shop was totally transformed into an intimate venue with a very cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. The whole place was buzzing awaiting the arrival of the nights entertainment.

It was the single launch of Stand Up, Be Counted by Dublin singer songwriter Rachael McCormack, accompanied by a full band and support by another Dublin songwriter Gar Tiernan.

Gar opened the show to very well behaved audience, normally at these launches the support never gets any attention, but it was not the case at this gig. His music is a full blend of folk roots, with heartwarming lyrics, backed up by the most distinctive voice that keeps the listener hypnotized by his sound.

The 28 year old singer told me afterwards that he is a shy person off the stage, but there was nothing shy about his set. It got a fantastic response from the audience. Gar is currently recording his debut album and gearing up for his own album launch in 2015 the date is TBC.

Check out Gar Tiernan’s music page here on facebook.

Dublin’s very own rock chick Rachael McCormack and full band exploded in sound when they opened with her 3rd single release, Stand Up, Be Counted. The amount of energy this girl creates on stage is breathtaking, full of charisma and flawlessly entertaining.

My view of the band was very limited because of the amount of people that crammed into Anber Browns. Although I did not need visuals as Rachael’s sound done it for me. Rachael was joined on stage midway through her set for a duet by Gar Tiernan. Both Rachael and Gar thoroughly enjoyed each others performance and gelled very well on stage together.

Rachael blasted out a full set taken from her Album This is my identity. The album was released in 2013 under Universal music and after hearing and witnessing the live performance, I can tell you Rachael sure knows how to put on a gig. All-round superbly fun to watch.

Check out Rachael’s music page here for updates and gig news, and I highly recommend you to catch a live show, you will not be disappointed.